alloy anti-wear pipe

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Bimetal wear-resistant tube
In the production process of metallurgical bimetal wear-resistant pipes, the straight pipe adopts centrifugal casting technology. The technology is to fuse two metals in a liquid state to form a true metallurgical combination. The shear strength of the bonding layer is higher than that of bulk metal, which fully realizes the mechanical complementarity of the base layer and the wear-resistant layer; pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, reducers, etc. adopt the composite process of lost foam vacuum suction casting, which is advanced and effective. The problem that the elbow cannot be combined. The elbow and other special-shaped pipes can be combined into a whole without changing the flow trajectory of the material in the elbow, which greatly reduces the material conveying resistance.

In terms of material selection, the outer wall of the centrifuge tube is made of carbon steel to ensure that the wear-resistant tube has high mechanical strength and impact resistance; the wear-resistant layer of the lining selects the wear-resistant alloy steel series independently developed by our company. Alloys such as Cr-Ni-Mo-Cu-re are mainly added to steel. The alloy steel after quenching and tempering heat treatment not only has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also has high mechanical strength and impact resistance. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power and other industries. It is an ideal wear-resistant pipe.

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