Aluminum coated aluminized steel tube pipe for car exhaust system

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Aluminum Coated Steel Pipes mainly used for Automotive application like as Muffler tube of Exhaust Systems, Cylinder tube of Shock absorber and Steering parts ect.


Features of aluminized coated steel pipe :
1)Inside and outside bead scarfing
2) Higher expansion rate
3) Smooth surface roughness
4) Accurate roundness
5) Outside metallizing


Specifications of aluminized coated steel pipe :
1) Standard: GB/T13793-2008, ASTM, JIS ect.
2) Grade: SA1D
3) Outside Diameter: 8-130mm
4) Wall Thickness: 0.5-2.5mm
5) Length:5.8 meters or according to your request
6) Type: Welded


Application of aluminized coated steel pipe :
1) Muffler tube of exhaust systems
2) Cylinder tube of shock absorber and steering parts
3) Oven,water heaters ect
Aluminum coated aluminized steel tube pipe for car exhaust system


Main dimensions of aluminized coated steel pipe :


Φ8×0.5~2 Φ25×0.5~2.5 Φ48.6×1.0~2.5
Φ9×0.5~2 Φ25.4×0.5~2.5 Φ50×1.0~2.5
Φ9.53×0.5~2 Φ26×0.5~2.5 Φ54×1.0~2.5
Φ10×0.5~2 Φ27×0.6~2.5 Φ56×1.0~2.5
Φ11×0.5~2 Φ27.2×0.6~2.5 Φ57×1.0~2.5
Φ11.8×0.5~2 Φ28×0.6~2.5 Φ60×1.0~2.5
Φ12×0.5~2 Φ28.6×0.6~2.5 Φ63×1.0~2.5
Φ12.7×0.5~2 Φ30×0.6~2.5 Φ63.5×1.0~2.5
Φ13×0.5~2 Φ31×0.6~2.5 Φ70×1.5~2.5
Φ14×0.5~2 Φ31.8×0.6~2.5 Φ76×1.5~2.5
Φ15×0.5~2 Φ32×0.6~2.5 Φ80×1.5~2.5
Φ16×0.5~2 Φ33×0.6~2.5 Φ89×1.5~2.5
Φ17×0.5~2 Φ34×0.6~2.5 Φ90×1.5~2.5
Φ18×0.5~2 Φ35×0.6~2.5 Φ95×1.5~2.5
Φ19×0.5~2.5 Φ36×0.6~2.5 Φ99.5×1.5~2.5
Φ19.6×0.5~2.5 Φ36.7×0.8~2.5 Φ100×1.5~2.5
Φ20×0.5~2.5 Φ38×0.8~2.5 Φ101.6×1.5~2.5
Φ21×0.5~2.5 Φ40×1.0~2.5 Φ102×1.5~2.5
Φ22×0.5~2.5 Φ44.7×1.0~2.5 Φ114×1.5~2.5
Φ24×0.5~2.5 Φ45×1.0~2.5 Φ127×1.5~2.5
Φ24.6×0.5~2.5 Φ48×1.0~2.5 Φ130×2.0~2.5

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